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Tifan identifies and automates the risks posed by modern networks. We believe that any IT organization should be able to easily reap the benefits of new technologies without worrying about their security implications.

We offer a range of upkeep services to allow you to focus on your business goals without worrying about your technology backend.

Why Choose Us?

Tifan Technology is a best choice for your network solution.
With our affordable, reliable network services and cyber security services,
you can focus on growing your business without having to worry about your IT upkeep.

Protect Your Data

Tifan Technology solutions are designed to be highly scalable and adaptable to any size enterprise with an architecture that can be deployed both on-premises or in the cloud.

Secure Your Network

Tifan Technology provides a full suite of network security services that help enterprises protect their organization from intruders and other security threats.

Protect Your Employees & Customers

We provide a range of network services

Network Assessment

A detailed analysis of network design, usage, and performance is paramount to effectively managing your organization’s IT environment. Our experienced and talented solution architects along with our professional services teams, will capture your goals and requirements then use specialized tools to carefully analyze your existing environment. Our assessments include, but aren’t limited to a review of your network’s design, configuration, topology, hardware, traffic, and performance.

Network Design

We are equipped with the credentials, capabilities, and resources to design a network of any complexity and size. After our careful and thorough analysis of your existing network, we’ll design an effective solution to serve as your blueprint for success. Our designed solution will focus on simplifying your environment and management requirements, and will incorporate next-generation considerations to help: improve network performance; integrate new technology; reduce costly redesign; and increase technical staff efficiency.

Network Modernization

IT modernization is intimidating, but necessary. And the first step to IT modernization should be network modernization. Our team can help with designing and then implementing a future-ready network—all with a focus on leveraging your existing assets. Our solutions enable next-generation infrastructures to deliver the performance, automation, and analytics required to meet the demands of emerging technologies and your future organizational needs.

Wireless & Mobility

Immersive experiences on mobile are becoming the new normal—with up to 20 billion more 5G and Wi-Fi 6-capable devices about to be turned on. Wondering how to provide access to internal resources while keeping your overtaxed network available and secure? We have the solutions needed to support the 802.11ax standard and unify all network operations across wireless, wired, and the WAN. Rely on us to architect the next-gen network you need to deliver high-performance connectivity to every endpoint.

Software Defined Networking

We can help you provision, manage, and program your network more rapidly with leading software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. We’ll design, develop, and implement an SDN architecture to deliver a centralized, programmable network via Controllers to enable centralized management and control, automation, and policy enforcement across physical and virtual network environments; Southbound APIs that relay information between the controller and the individual network devices; and Northbound APIs that relay information between the controller and the applications and policy engines.

Network Support Services

Identifying and resolving network issues is paramount in maintaining productivity and offering the best user experience possible. For ongoing assurance, rely on our Network Support Services designed to ensure the health of your network over time. We’re here to help with different support offerings to suit your needs: